Reads For The Road – The Three Body Problem

I didn’t always like to read. I felt like reading was exclusive to bookworms and nerds. Traveling changed my mind on the matter.

Now that I have time to focus on a book for leisure, I can transport myself away to other worlds, more foreign than the places to which I’ve travelled. A book can set the imagination alight, it can fill you with emotions and bring you close to people who only exist in font type.

I’m listening to books these days, its just so much easier! I don’t need to carry a physical book (which takes up space and weight). I don’t get travel sickness from reading in cars, trains or buses. And the characters all take on their own voices so the story is easy to follow.

This is my first book to recommend: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu (translated into English by Ken Liu).

Originally written in Chinese, this science fiction story is set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution. Add a dash of quantum physics, astronomy, particle physics and extraterrestrials – you have a deeply complex narrative that is both so foreign and strangely familiar.

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