If You Like To Eat Alone Japan Has The Restaurant For You!

Do you want to just bury yourself in a pile of warm blankets and snuggle in bed all day? Sometimes you don’t want to see anybody, the sight of another human being sends you running the other way. Well, there might just be the place for you if you want to eat great ramen at a restaurant.

If you like to eat alone Japan has the restaurant for you! Ichiran is a type of ramen restaurant where you sit in a bar style table that is divided into single cubicles.

To order you approach the vending machine outside the shop.

April and I visited one in Harajuku for lunch, so we unfolded the middle divider between us so it wasn’t so closed off.

To order you approach the vending machine outside the shop. There are pictures showing the soups available. You can also choose to add more noodles, more meat, etc if you like.

When you come in, you are seated by the shop assistant, but this is the only time you will speak to someone or see their face.

When you sit, you are facing a small window and you’ll just see legs walking past every now and then. There’s s small form to fill out. Don’t worry it’s really easy and should be written in English. You choose the firmness of the noodles, richness of the soup and level of spiciness.

Eventually, someone will come to your window and pass a bowl of ramen to you then say thank you to you. You’ll see them bow sideways, but they are actually bowing to you.

There’s a little screen that they will roll down once the order ahead been fulfilled. But you can always call them by pushing a little button in front of you.

Kae-dama is typical in these shops, you can order half or full portion extra. Just fill out another small form and press the button. Moments later a waiter will pass your extra noodles through the window and roll the screen back down.



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