Luxemburg Gardens, The Navel of Paris and Versailles.

Pas de bras, pas de chocolat. This is a French saying, literally meaning “No arms, no chocolate”. What I understand from it, if you don’t ask/reach out, you don’t get. I found a statue in the Jardin de Luxembourg which sums up this saying perfectly, see below.

We were very lucky to have beautiful sunshine when we visited the gardens. Pun wanted to see the Catacombes de Paris, but we waited in line for nearly two hours and decided to jump out and spend the day more wisely.

Kids were sailing their toy boats in the fountain at the gardens.

We walked from the gardens to Saint-Sulpice. Pun found this cathedral to be much more interesting than the Notre Dame de Paris.

On our way through Odéon we stopped in at Ladurée. They were selling burger-sized macarons and Pun called them ‘the grandparents of all macarons’. LOL

Below is a photo of the ‘bellybutton’ of Paris. Basically, it is supposed to mark the centre of the city – you can find it right at the front of the Notre Dame. The navel is split into four segments, you’ll see people toss a coin over their shoulder and step into each quadrant. It’s a similar story to La Fontaine de Trevi in Italy, you’re apparently come back to Paris if you do this.

Somehow we missed the memo about the Château de Versailles being closed every Monday. But it was the perfect opportunity to discover the gardens by bike, where we also had perfect sun and warm weather.

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