Tasty Fish, Goan Style

Summer, sand, surf and… seafood! Goa does not cease to delight the senses – taste in particular. To treat ourselves, we ordered whole red snapper fishes of ourselves. Yes, one each. A whole one. Tasty fish goan style, fresh from the market.

I savoured every morsel of that damned fish.

Prepared in a garlic sauce (seriously, so much garlic like you wouldn’t believe) the grilled fish was f* amazing, tender, juicy and FULL of flavour.

Though the volume of garlic appeared to be large, the taste was not at all overpowering and really accentuated the flavour of the fish quite well.

I savoured every morsel of that damned fish. I tore its fleshy body apart – no bone was left unclean. I tore into its fleshy face, its cheeks giving the most meat. The eyes would normally be a treat, but this time I left them on the plate.

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