My Second Workaway Assignment in Limousin

My Second Workaway Assignment in Limousin

highlights: A quick presentation of myself.

Salut, mon nom est Sean et je viens de l’Australie. Je suis arrivé hier soir et j’ai déjà rencontré beaucoup de gens, ici au CFA Les 13 Vents.
Hi, my name is Sean and I come from Australia. I arrived yesterday evening and I have already met lots of people, here at the CFA Les 13 Vents.

J’ai voyagé à travers l’Europe depuis Janvier de cette année et je vais voyager partout en France pour améliorer mon français et de découvrir la culture française.
I have been traveling around Europe since January this year and I will travel around France to improve my French and to experience the French culture.

Avant de quitter Sydney, j’ai travaillé dans des études de marché. Je voulais voyager et découvrir le monde, de sorte que j’ai quitté mon emploi pour suivre mes rêves.
Before leaving Sydney, I worked in Market Research. I wanted to travel and discover the world, so I quit my job to follow my dreams. 

Voici les CFA Les 13 Vents, j’espère prendre la culture d’ici tout en aidant les élèves à améliorer leurs compétences linguistiques en anglais. Je crois que mes compétences francophones vont augmenter de façon spectaculaire.
Here at the CFA Les 13 Vents, I hope to take in the culture while helping the students with their English language skills. I believe that my French speaking skills will increase dramatically.

S’il y a la possibilité, je voudrais prendre quelques cours en boucherie, boulangerie, pâtisserie, chocolaterie, cuisine.
If there is the opportunity, I would like to take some courses in Butchery, Bakery, Patisserie, Chocolaterie, and Cooking.
Je vais écrire un billet de blog chaque jour, suivez-moi pendant mon séjour à Tulle.
I will be writing a blog post each day, follow me during my stay in Tulle.

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  1. Nida Calalang // August 11, 2015 at 9:01 PM //

    HI Sean, I love your blog! Congratulations for such a well written, full of information account of your exciting travel experiences!! Wow! I can’t help but feel inspired by your storytelling! You made it look easy and within anyone’s reach, when one dares to dream big, nothing is impossible, only by how much limit we put on our selves. May God continue to Bless you on your on going adventures and endeavors in life, whether travelling or otherwise. May all your knowledge become wisdom and help others find their dream as well. Keep dreaming!!
    May God be with you always, protecting and guiding you as we give praise and thanks to Him!!

  2. Mom, thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words. You inspire me to continue being the best version of myself and I owe a lot to you and Dad for helping to always push boundaries and have no fear of taking big risks in life.

    Love you Momma! x

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