The Heineken Experience (Marketing Ploy)!

This year, 2014 in the year of Our Lord, marks the 150th anniversary of the Heineken Brewing Company. Yes, it is a Dutch beer – but its tendrils are long and far-reaching. There are breweries all over the world making the Heineken beer, but there is a secret ingredient that ensure consistency of flavour across the board.

It’s like a magical illuminating carpet up there.

You might see young men and women riding these branded bicycles around town. They are actually delivering freshly brewed beer to all points in Amsterdam. Impressive, no?

These crates are arranged to form the number 150, obviously to celebrate the one hundred and fifty years that the Heineken brand has enjoyed success.

Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling! Empty bottles have been set into the ceiling with lights behind them – it’s like a magical illuminating carpet up there.

On the wall they have recreated a similar thing, however behind every single bottle set into the wall, there is a lightbulb. They’ve been able to program the lights to come on and off to create a visually stunning display.

Luvo! Selfies!

You can try your hand at pouring beer from a tap. Of course, the tap is computerised and shown on the screen. But the concept is the same. Pun and I can pour great beers, but according to the digital scoring we couldn’t produce the best pour. 🙁

After the visit, it was time for some, *ahem* tasting. Yes, included in the tour of the brewery are a few beers to enjoy at the end.

This bar tender had a helluva left arm to be able to carry so many beer glasses. And at 0.25L volume a piece, I would say it wasn’t light work.

He felt so ashamed to tell them that he just went along and ate it.

Pun and I treated ourselves to a burger on the rooftop of the Brewery. Since Amsterdam is a very flat city, we had spectacular views of the city with vistas extending beyond the eye could see. Poor Pun forgot to mention that he didn’t eat beef and when they brought out the burger he felt so ashamed to tell them that he just went along and ate it. Oooh la la!

Who made this beer?

Proost! From Amsterdam, bitches.

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