Workaway Is The Answer To Your Travel Dreams

I know most people want to travel for little to next to no money – but as a passive traveler that is rarely possible. You end up at least spending your money on accommodation and food, which is the bulk of your expenses.

What if you could sleep and eat for no money? What would that be worth to you?

Workaway is the answer to your travel dreams.

I am a big advocate for Workaway, I love the concept and have had the greatest experiences of my life in some of my assignments. I have also made friends for life, friends who I consider to be just like family.

The typical assignment is 20 hours of work per week in exchange for food and a bed to sleep in. The details differ between hosts, but generally the work is fair and the experience very rewarding.

Do you like horses? Then try out a Workaway stay at a farm!

Maybe you’re interested in viticulture! There are plenty of vineyards in need of some help.

Have you got the skillz to teach English? Try your hand at being an au pair or go to a school and be a teachers’s aide.

Below are a few of the assignments I undertook during my travels around France. I’d learned French prior to arriving, but I was certainly not prepared for full-immersion in the language. Quickly and out of necessity, I improved my language communication skills and I am so proud of having been able to achieve so much out of it.

My First Workaway Assignment in the French Alps
I stayed with a lovely English family living in the mountains. There I helped to build the ski chalet with no prior experience whatsoever. I learned so many new skills and they even let me have full days off so we could go up the mountain for some skiing!

My Second Workaway Assignment in Limousin
I spent six weeks in total here, coming back a second time because I just could not stay away. This assignment was at a French school for apprentices and my role was as Teacher’s Aide in English class. of course, we were provided with a private apartment, chef cooked meals daily and a car at our own disposal.

That Time I Was A Duck Farmer
Yes, I was a duck farmer. I helped to raise the ducklings and participated in the abattoir. Suffice to say it was an eye-opening experience and I am glad to have had the gentle guidance of a lovely family.

And Then I Lived In A Castle For A Month
Work was never scarce at this place, hurr hurr hurr. We lived with a real-life baron, that’s old moneyI’m tellin’ ya! The castle was being letted as an AirBnB and we worked mainly as house-wards. I tended to the apple orchards and even had the chance to spend the day in the local bakery as a boulanger!

So, challenge yourself a bit and give Workaway a chance!

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  1. I hope I could try this too one day. Having new experiences is inspiring. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Hey Clarian, I hope you are able to experience Workaway soon! Let me know if you are interested in doing this in France, I have some AMAZING contacts for you there. 🙂

  3. Amazing!!!

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